Our Academy

Academy Day

8.45am – Classroom doors open
8.55am – School day starts (all pupils must be in school by this time)
10.15-10.30am – Mid-morning Break (KS1)
10.30-10.45am – Mid-morning Break (KS2)
11.30am-12.15pm – Lunch (EYFS)
11.45am-12.30pm – Lunch (KS1)
12.00pm-12.45pm – Lunch (LKS2)
12.15pm-1.00pm – Lunch (UKS2)
1.45pm – Afternoon Break (KS1 only)
3.10pm – School day ends

All children to be dropped off and collected from outside their classroom, unless written consent is given to walk/cycle home alone (Year 4 and above).