This week, our year 6’s wowed the whole school, families and carers with their performance of “Alibaba and the Bongo Bandits”. They worked incredibly hard for weeks, and really pulled off each and every performance. Hartsholme is extremely proud!

Yesterday, on the 29th June, Hartsholme Academy had an amazing day celebrating, team work, athletics and sportsmanship during our annual Sport Day.
We had such great weather and the company of so many family and friends. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and we couldn’t happier with how the day went. Go Hartsholme!

This week, Hartsholme Academy pupils visited Lincoln Castle for their “Crime and Punishment” history topic. Lincoln Castle was built in 1066, almost 1000 years ago,  by William the conqueror and it has witnessed some of the most dramatic events in England’s history; from battles, to prison escapes, there is so much to learn about history inside its walls. The children got to learn about the prison, the most common punishments at the time and even about the life of some of the people that stayed there. It was a very dynamic and hands on learning experience!

As part of PSHE, some children at Hartsholme Academy have taken part in “wellbeing” sessions where they have been able to explore themes around building resilience, empathy and kindness; Learning a variety of coping skills, reflecting on how other people support their wellbeing, and how they can support theirs and thinking about other people’s needs and experiences.
They also drew their own “web of connections”: important people in our lives that can help us and those who we can also help.
In Geography, Year 5 have been learning about Northings and Eastings, and drew their own grids using chalk to plot and locate objects using a 6 figure grid reference system.

On Thursday, we were visited by “Rock Steady”, a company that offers fun and inclusive in-school rock and pop band lessons.  They introduced children and staff to an array of instruments and taught us a short song to perform. Children and adults alike loved the experience; what an opportunity to learn new skills, develop friendships and have the time of their life! What’s best, Rock Steady will be offering lessons to children at Hartsholme. Get ready to Rock and Roll!

Our Reception 1 and 2 children have been hard at work preparing their performance to The Lion King’s “I just can wait to be King”, they will be performing it at a local church next week in front of parents and their visitors. We know they will be absolutely amazing!

Good weather has finally arrived and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to soak up the sun and take advantage of the bright skies and fresh air. Some of our classes took their learning outside; this guided reading session was an absolute hit and both children and staff look forward to making use of our “outdoor classroom” in the coming weeks.